Don’t Just Serve Food to Wedding Guests, Wow Them and Their Taste Buds with Trending Food Options

What's trending right now in wedding menus? An incredible dining experience designed to make your guests go wow.

Food choices for weddings have come a long way from the basic and usual options to mouth-watering menus and high-quality food. But because nothing stays the same for long, food choices also evolved and are now made with a taste of innovation.

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Food Wedding Trends

Going vegan and vegetarian

Instead of simply providing non-meat eaters with alternative food choices, some couples are creating a whole experience around meatless menus. So don't be surprised if the menu includes root vegetable poke, black beans, beet tartare, and a vegetarian savory crepe made of eggplant, tomatoes, mushroom, feta, mozzarella, and salads. It's an explosion of color and flavor in one wrap.

Tasting organic

In support of sustainable agriculture, more and more couples request locally grown, in-season, and ethically sourced food for their wedding guests. Farm-to-table experience is the name of the game. This only shows that most brides and grooms care about where their food comes from and have placed fresh and organic high on their list.

Serving themes you can taste

In the past, food is often excluded from the overall theme of a wedding. Not anymore. In fact, if you opt for a gothic or dark-colored wedding theme, your wedding menu can be designed to reflect the same theme.

Black food trend is taking social media by storm, and it's something you can definitely incorporate in your wedding menu. Black ingredients, such as blackberries and black rice, paired with charcoal ice cream, are guaranteed to make your dinner party guests go wow.

Personalized gastronomic journey

Most of the time, you choose a menu that you know tastes delicious, and is familiar to you and your taste buds. But more couples today are taking it up a notch by sharing their culinary experiences to their guests. This is especially true for couples who travel a lot and explore how their palates blend with the each other.

The idea is to invite their guests and loved ones to experience the memories they have built up over time and have led them to their biggest day through an array of different cuisines from different places.

Adding drama to desserts

When it comes to desserts, breaking tradition is one way to make a memorable presentation. Rather than the usual wedding cake and sweet treats, serve unique plated options.

But don't just stop with chocolate tarts and cupcake towers. Go all out with sweet and savory crepes prepared right in front of guests. It will be a show of culinary expertise and a dessert experience that guests can engage in.

They get to choose which type of crepe they want made based on the ingredients they love the most. Nutella crepes, anyone? How about a crepe made of prosciutto, parmesan, arugula, basil pesto, and mozzarella?

Wedding menus with a wow factor

Based on the food trends, what wows guests are more than just an explosion of flavors. The more unique their dining experience are the more memorable the event is. More so if they get to share your story as a couple.

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