Top 3 Items That Must Be Included in Your Wedding Catering Checklist

Hiring a catering company for your wedding is a giant undertaking. It happens to be just one of the things you need to take care of too.

To ease the pressure of wedding preparations, you should have a checklist for everything you need for your big day.

So, what should go with your wedding catering checklist? 1. Wedding reception venue

Where you hold your wedding party will dictate which catering company to hire.

  • Is the wedding caterer available on the date that your venue is available for rent?

  • Is the catering company close to the location, or would you need to pay extra for the distance that needs to be covered?

  • Is the wedding venue small or large enough to accommodate wedding catering equipment and tools?

2. Wedding reception food and beverages

  • Choose a menu that will match the theme of the wedding reception and the time with which food will be served.

  • Breakfast menu for a breakfast wedding reception.

  • Luncheon fare for a lunch wedding reception.

  • Dinner buffet for a dinner party.

Decide on a menu where the ingredients are in season, so you can save on the budget for food and beverage.

  • Choose the best beverage to serve at your wedding reception.

Your options are practically endless.

  • Frozen cocktails for a summer wedding.

  • Season-inspired mixed drinks for a fall wedding.

  • Chilled red wines for a dinner wedding reception.

  • Two or three options of popular domestic beers, such as Budweiser and Bud Light, Trumer Pilsner, or Miller and Miller Lite.

  • A good Rosé for a year-round option.

  • Figure out what dessert you want to serve at your wedding reception.

  • Do you want a dessert bar with plenty of dessert options?

  • Do you prefer to stick with the traditional wedding cake stand?

  • Do you want something unique as sweet and savory crepes made right on the spot?

You can choose one option or combine all of them to give your guests a range of options, and to inject variety into your wedding reception dessert menu.

3. Event staff hire

A wedding catering company may or may not provide event staff. Whichever is the case, it pays to have more people attending to the guests’ needs than only a few.

Choose professional wait staff who can handle the details of your wedding so that you can just relax and enjoy your big day. Hire a mix of waiters and bartenders for a successful wedding reception and private event.

Get in Touch with Dali Crepes

Dali Crepes is a catering company that serves savory and sweet crepes made right at your wedding reception venue and in front of your guests. This added feature is known to delight guests and make every dessert served tastier than ever.

It also provides the additional events staff you need for a smooth and worry-free wedding party. Let professionals do the work so you don’t have to trouble yourself. It’s your day big day, after all, and you should enjoy every bit of it.

Contact Dali Crepes today and tick off two items on your wedding catering checklist—dessert and events staff. Call or email now! 801.890.3058 | 385.259.4401 |

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