2017 Sounds of Freedom Car Show

It's that time of year again. The 6th Annual Sounds Of Freedom Car Show will be known as the "Day They Deserve" and will be honoring the Vietnam Veterans. Also Sounds of Freedom will be raising money for the Vietnam Memorial Wall to be built in the park where they hold the car show. There would be Hundred plus vendors and an array of food, live music and giveaways, plus over four hundred show cars!!!

We are excited to share this wonderful event as Dali Crepes will be there too! We will make our sweetest and savory crepes that sure you will love while enjoying the Sounds of Freedom car show.

When that Jet flies overhead or that Soldier fires back, that isn't noise you're hearing--that's The Sounds of Freedom!

June 10, from 9am- 4pm @ Layton Commons Park!

See yah.

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